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Сommissioning works

Checking, configuring, and testing equipment is commissioning. Such a complex is necessary to ensure required modes of operation. Start - up and commissioning of units is the final stage, which must be performed by specialists. Their professionalism determines the efficiency of the equipment and the continuity of the production process. You can order commissioning works at Best for Trade s.r.o.

In addition, we provide the following services:

  • equipment delivery;
  • montage;
  • maintenance service.

All work is performed in compliance with the norms and requirements.

Features of commissioning

The complex of commissioning works is carried out at the following stages:

  1. Individual test. During this period, the requirements are met according to the working documentation, standards, and technical specifications for the equipment. The main goal is to prepare devices for testing and acceptance.
  2. Comprehensive testing. This stage is allocated 72 hours. During this time, the equipment is checked and adjusted. In addition, the devices are designed to operate in an interlinked manner while idling. In the future, the equipment is transferred to work under load.

During start - up and commissioning, they must adhere to the rules of labor protection and safety.

Commissioning and commissioning of equipment by Best for Trade specialists

Commissioning and uninterrupted operation of the equipment largely depends on the final stage – commissioning. Our team consists of competent, responsible and attentive employees with extensive experience in this field. They will ensure the correct operation of devices in the shortest possible time, identify and eliminate failures in operation.

In the Best for Trade company, you can order the start-up and adjustment of equipment that we supply (power, ventilation, for the food industry). This is quite convenient, because you do not need to spend precious time searching for specialists to set up.


All work performed by our professionals is coordinated with the customer. Operations are performed in accordance with technical specifications, standards, norms, and project documentation. The terms are negotiated with the client and strictly observed. We do our best to provide services at the highest level, meet customer requirements as much as possible, take into account the nuances and wishes.

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