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Ventilation system

The ventilation system is an integral part of any large objects: industrial enterprises, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels. At the same time, it is important to purchase reliable ventilation equipment and ensure its smooth and efficient operation. The design of this system is important and is performed during the construction of buildings.

Feature of equipment for ventilation systems, its purpose

The equipment of ventilation systems is necessary to ensure air exchange in the premises.

The main functions performed by ventilation equipment include:

  • elimination of foreign odors;
  • providing a favorable microclimate;
  • removal of air masses with harmful particles.

In addition, it is used to create a comfortable microclimate, which is required for the productive work of people, the effective functioning of equipment, and the correct execution of technological processes. The service life of buildings and their appearance also depends on the quality of the ventilation system. Too high or low humidity levels negatively affect the condition of the exterior and interior finishes.

Classification of ventilation system units

This equipment is classified according to the following criteria:

  • method of organization of air exchange (units with natural or forced air exchange);
  • operating principle (supply, exhaust or combined equipment);
  • service area (units for General, local, emergency air exchange).

Depending on the type of construction, there are monoblock and set-up equipment for ventilation systems. 

Uninterrupted supply of ventilation equipment from Best for Trade

Best for Trade offers to order ventilation equipment on favorable terms. We specialize in direct deliveries of equipment from reliable manufacturers.

In addition, we provide the following services:

  • installation;
  • maintenance service;
  • adjustment works.


The equipment that we supply has all the necessary documents – quality certificate, warranty cards, technical passport. With the help of reliable and energy-efficient units from our partners, you can solve the most complex engineering problems of designing and installing ventilation systems.

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