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Power equipment

Special devices – power equipment-are used for receiving, recording and distributing electricity. The simplest devices for monitoring and accounting of electric energy consumption are traditional meters. 

In difficult situations, simple devices are not enough. You may need intelligent equipment, which is based on an automated operator's workplace, industrial controllers.

Employees of Best for trade s.r. o. are able to select power equipment and modern energy-saving solutions for your production and enterprises.

Features of power equipment

Important processes include not only accounting, but also management for safe and efficient use of electricity. Protection must be at a high level and meet the established standards.

The most common power equipment used in electrical networks is:

  • power machines;
  • fuse;
  •  transformer substation.

In most cases, for the safe connection of power equipment, specialized devices are used that can provide:

  • safe operation;
  • restricted operation or shutdown in an emergency;
  • convenient connection to the electrical network;
  • monitoring network parameters;
  • the required method of accounting for electricity.

Depending on the place of application, this type of equipment is divided into distribution and input devices, units for managing backup power supply, as well as points for load distribution.

Power equipment: supply, installation and maintenance from Best for Trade

Our company provides services for the supply of power equipment and components, installation, commissioning and maintenance. All units are purchased from reliable, proven suppliers. The devices that we supply to customers are completed with a full package of documentation (certificates, warranty card, technical passport). All the electrical equipment complies with European and American safety standards.

Best for Trade s.r.o. company cares about customers, so it provides services at a high level. For large-scale projects we select to rent warehouses to store all of the equipment and with the purpose of further transportation to the destination. Our accredited suppliers are manufacturing plants located in China, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. 


Our company can organize the logistics of equipment to your destination and carry out all commissioning and service work. However, in General, as practice shows, logistics tasks are solved by customers themselves. And Best for trade s.r.o. starts work at stage of equipment assembly and commissioning works.

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